A Salute to Our Heroes: Discounts for Veterans and First Responders in Sammamish, WA

October 20, 2023
Hey Sammamish neighbors! Today, we’re taking a break from the usual stump grinding talk to focus on something a little more close to our hearts - giving a big salute to our local heroes.

A Thank You from Home

We’re talking about our veterans and first responders. The folks who put their lives on the line, every single day, to keep us safe and free. Here in Sammamish, WA, we’re surrounded by unsung heroes, and it’s about time we sing their praises loud and clear.

Now, we’re stump grinders, not songwriters, so we figured the best way to say ‘thank you’ is by making our service a bit sweeter for these brave men and women.

More than Just a Discount

So, what’s the deal? It’s simple - if you’ve served in the military, or you’re out there as a first responder, we’re chopping down our prices just for you. It’s not a one-time deal or a seasonal special. It’s an everyday ‘thank you’ for the folks who deserve it most.

Now, we know a discount on stump grinding isn’t going to change the world. But if it can make life a little easier, and your yard a little nicer, then it’s a start. It’s our way of showing respect and appreciation. Every hero deserves a peaceful, beautiful place to call home, don’t you think?


Our Community, Our Heroes

Here in Sammamish, we’re more than just a city. We’re a community. A family. And every family looks out for its own. That’s the spirit behind our special discount for veterans and first responders. It’s not just about saving some bucks, but about recognizing the value and sacrifice of our local heroes.

The stumps? We’ll take care of them. Quick and clean, with no hassles. You’ve done your part for Sammamish, and now we’re doing ours for you.

We Stand Together

When we rev up our grinders, it’s about more than just getting rid of tree stumps. It’s about laying the groundwork for something better. Every stump we grind away makes our town a little brighter, a little greener, and a whole lot safer.

For our veterans and first responders, it’s also a sign of our gratitude. Every buzz of the saw, every chip of wood flying away, is a salute to your courage and dedication. This is our way of standing shoulder to shoulder with the folks who’ve given so much.

A Final Word

So, if you’re one of Sammamish’s finest, give us a call. We can’t wait to swing by, shake your hand, and show our appreciation the best way we know - by delivering top-notch service with a friendly discount.

In a world where ‘thank you’ is often said but not often enough shown, consider this our small yet sincere gesture of gratitude. Our veterans and first responders have made Sammamish, WA, a place we’re proud to call home. Now it’s our turn to make that home a little better, one stump at a time.

Stay safe, stay strong, and here’s to you – Sammamish’s bravest and finest.

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